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Useful for weddings when wedding breakfast and disco is in the same room

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  • Q) Will you match a cheaper quotation?
  • NO! When you are looking for a DJ you may find cheaper price, but they will not offer the same high standards as us! I will not lower my prices because I will not lower my high standards
  • Q) You are much cheaper than another DJ, why?
  • I mainly DJ for weddings and birthday parties which are held at the weekend and evenings, therefore I undertake other work during the week.
    The benefits to you are:

    1. I charge much less than someone who has to make a living from a part time job.
    2. My business model is robust.  I will not go out of business during a recession or downturn.
  • For your reassurance, I put every effort into making your evening one to remember.
    If you get a quotation from another DJ for a wedding, ask if they are charging you more and why? I do not charge extra for weddings.
  • Ask if they charge you more for a function at a posh hotel than at a village hall? I do not charge more, I treat everyone equally. Call them anonymously and ask for a price for a function on the same date in a different venue, does the price change? why? NOTE: There are many DJ’s out there who will tell you not to book with a cheaper DJ because they may not not be as good as them.
    This is absolute rubbish and you could end up paying much £150 to £300 more for a DJ who is not as good.
    How I tell the difference? 1) Go and see them perform at an event 2) Ask where and how many events they have performed at 3) Ask for a references.
  • Q) Will I receive a booking contract?
  • Yes! When you book with me, I will send you a written booking confirmation so that you can be assured that I will turn up for your event.
  • Q) Do you have public liability insurance and a PAT certificate?
  • Yes, these are available to download from our contact area.
  • Q) What equipment do you use? I use a light weight compact setup including Alto active speakers along with intelligent LED lighting. I use a digital DJ system (Traktor or Virtual DJ depending on the event). 1 x Smoke machine 1 x Smart DJ console (hides cables and equipment from audience) 1 x Wireless microphone 1 & 1 wired microphone

You can be assured that you entertainment is in safe hands.