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Date of event
Early setup
Useful for weddings when wedding breakfast and disco is in the same room
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Karaoke! +£59.99
Add indoor/outdoor Garden Games for just +£34.99
Standard disco package
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  • Q) Do you play requests?
  • Yes, absolutely you and your guests are welcome to make requests in advance and on the night. If there’s a particular song you want that’s slightly off beat, on youtube, from the 20’s give me some notice and i’ll bring it with me.
    Unfortunately I cannot connect your phone/ media player to my system during an event. I can’t guarantee to have internet access to download those odd songs, so that’s why I ask for them in advance. I do have over 14,000 mainly chart and pop songs with me so it’s likely i’ll have what you want to listen to.
  • Q) What music do you play?
  • I play many genres of music and have an organised and extensive collection of music so that I can switch to whatever you require. I regularly play at mixed parties so tend to play lots of Classic Party Hits, 90’s, 70’s and 80’s. I also keep up to date with the latest chart music.
  • Q) Have you played at x,y,z venue before?
  • I have played at well over 200 venues over the years from tiny restaurants to large entertainment venues. I can scale my disco setup to suite intimate get togethers with just 12 guests, to larger venues with several hundred.
    If the venue is particularly small, upstairs or difficult to access it’s best to give me some notification so I can allow some extra time for setting up.
  • Q) Will you match a cheaper quotation?
  • When you are looking for a DJ you may find cheaper price, but they will not offer the same high standards as me!
  • Q) You are much cheaper than another DJ, why?
  • I mainly DJ for weddings and birthday parties which are held at the weekend and evenings, therefore I undertake other work during the week.
    The benefits to you are:

    1. I charge much less than someone who has to make a living from DJ’ing at weekend.
    2. My business model is robust.  I will not go out of business during a recession or downturn.
  • For your reassurance, I put every effort into making your evening one to remember.
    If you get a quotation from another DJ for a wedding, ask if they are charging you more and why? I do not charge extra for weddings.
  • Ask if they charge you more for a function at a posh hotel than at a village hall? I do not charge more, I treat everyone equally. Call them anonymously and ask for a price for a function on the same date in a different venue, does the price change? why? NOTE: There are many DJ’s out there who will tell you not to book with a cheaper DJ because they may not not be as good as them.
    This is absolute rubbish and you could end up paying much £150 to £300 more for a DJ who is not as good.
    How I tell the difference? 1) Go and see them perform at an event 2) Ask where and how many events they have performed at 3) Ask for a references.
  • Q) Will I receive a booking contract?
  • Yes! When you book with me, I will send you a written booking confirmation so that you can be assured that I will turn up for your event.
  • Q) Do you have public liability insurance and a PAT certificate?
  • Yes, these are available to download from our contact area.
  • Q) What equipment do you use? I use a light weight compact setup including Alto active speakers along with intelligent LED lighting. I use a digital DJ system (Traktor or Virtual DJ depending on the event). 1 x Smoke machine 1 x Smart DJ console (hides cables and equipment from audience) 1 x Wireless microphone 1 & 1 wired microphone

You can be assured that you entertainment is in safe hands.