The Best Wedding Party

I am committed to ensuring that your wedding party is a success whatever the crowd or venue. With my experience as a wedding DJ over the years I can create a party atmosphere and entertain your guests. Your individual requirements will be discussed with you prior to your big day, this ensures that every aspect of you evenings entertainment is tailored to your requirements. I understand that you may be unsure about booking a DJ that you have not met. This is why I offer to meet with you to discuss your plans with you.

Wedding Party & Wedding breakfast background music

(Wedding Party & Wedding breakfast background music at Hythe Imperial Hotel, Hythe, Kent – 2009)

My website features a Music Play List facility and Party Planner that you and your guests can use for requesting music you would like to hear on the night.

A party planner facility is also available so that you can add your key events in advance.

I will guide you through the evening starting with your first dance, then followed by music that everyone of all ages will enjoy.

I always arrive on time, smartly dressed and ready to entertain you and your guests.

To help you plan you evening I have produced the following wedding party tips.

Tips for a perfect wedding party

The first dance

This will signal the start of the evening to your guests. It is traditional to let the bride and groom take to the dance floor first. If you decide to have your first dance promptly your guests can then join in from the start of the evening.

It’s a good idea to have this near the start of the evening as your guests will usually hold back from hitting the dance floor until this key event has taken place.

Creating a music play list

This can be rewarding because you will get to hear your favourite songs. Remember not all of your personal favourites may be the right choice to fill the dance floor. Once booked a there is a playlist facility which allows you to add songs quickly and easily.
If you create a full playlist remember to include something for everyone. The party flowing by mixing your requests with popular party favourites.

Mobile DJ for weddings

St Augustine’s

you dance they will follow

Your guests have come to spend the evening with you, so when you dance they will follow.
Often filling the dance floor during the early part of the evening is driven by the Brides willingness to dance, if you are outside taking a break your guests are also likely to follow.
If there are many children present it’s often a good idea to have a kids half hour where I will play some child friendly music to get the party started! If there specific songs that you would like to hear just ask me, as I use a digital system on which I can usually find your requests and play them instantly.

Marquee wedding - Somerset

Marquee wedding – Somerset

At the end of a long wedding day

It is great to have your party go out with a ‘bang’ than than let it fizzle out.
Some of your guest will leave earlier than your expectations, this can be because of tiredness, have to work the following day, or they have a greater distance to travel home.
We can arrange a wedding guests to form an arch to be formed at the end of the party or in a circle where all guests join hands and the bride and groom dance in the centre. we recommend that dancing for an all day wedding should finish at around 12pm. This will give you plenty of time to say farewell to your guests who have travelled a long way to see you, during this time we can play relaxing background music.

Weekday and Sunday evenings

Some of your guests may have been working or have work the following day, these guests may not wish to stay out to late, experience has shown that guests start to leave around 10 pm. My suggestion is to finish at 11 pm or 11.15 pm.

I can then continue to play background music whilst the Bride and Groom to say farewell to their guests.It may help you to make a time plan for your party, this will also help me to make the evenings entertainment more coordinated.
The website includes a party planner facility.

Wedding DJ Somerset

Wedding DJ Somerset